How A Hillary Clinton Support Concert Got Romantic

Their relationship is more than fun . . . more than right . . . uh, I mean left. Let's just say it's politically correct.

Katy Perry performed at the "Hillary Victory Fund: I'm With Her Concert," which was held at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night, and her boyfriend Orlando Bloom showed up to support both of them at the celeb-filled bash. Katy was photographed in a shirt that says, "Hillary is a badass," and it seems that her man agrees.

Orlando was never far from her side, but stayed out of the limelight, letting his lady shine.

The pair have seemed inseperable since rumors of their romance began at the Golden Globes, and have since been spotted lunching in New York and even vacationing in Hawaii.

Things are heating up and this new couple is having plenty of fun. That's why they're our Friday Funday.


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