How Are Beyoncé And Jay Z Doing Lately?

Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship has been through plenty of public scrutiny in recent months after Beyoncé seemed to air all of their marriage's problems in her latest and greatest project, Lemonade.

After a couple of appearances without each other, E! News reports that the pair is back on track.

"Beyoncé and Jay are really working on their marriage. Jay is making time for Beyoncé and his family more overall," a source told E! News. "Beyoncé's tour has brought Jay and Beyoncé very close. Jay has been by Beyoncé side during many of her shows so far."

So what is our analysis of this marriage? For us, it's about why Beyoncé chose to share these problems with the world. Is it because they've already worked through them and it's in the past? Or was it a cry for help that Jay Z is now answering? Or was it simply because she worked through her feelings and created music that was too good not to share?

These two are royalty. We think they've got this.



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