Who Will Ben Choose!?


How To Wreck Your Relationship, As Illustrated by Ben Higgins' Cast Offs


This week was "The Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor... you know, the one where they get all of the exes in one room and act like that's not awkward at all. And then the women do their best to out-crazy each other.

Let's use this as a learning opportunity.


1.) Don't be cocky.

No, we're not refering to the random chicken that hung out on stage throughout the entire episode. Amazingly, that doesn't even rank on our top crazy ways to wreck your relationship. We're talking about Olivia. Now, I have a soft spot for this girl. She seemed so genuinely sad and embarassed after seeing the season play out. But the lesson here is that, if you are arrogant and cocky, you WILL be left alone on a stormy island.


2.) Don't overanalyze and don't be insecure.

We all know men hate this, but we all do it anyway. Don't be Jubilee. She ruined her chances by getting into her own head and creating self-doubt. When you doubt yourself this much, the people around you will start to doubt you too. So don't be cocky like Olivia, but don't be insecure like Jubilee either.


3.) Don't be a hot mess.

We're talking about Lace. Don't be drunk. Don't be obnoxious. Don't act insane. Drunk, obnoxious, and insane doesn't scream, "live happily ever after with me." There's a reason you never saw Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Belle being a drunken hot mess. There's no place for hot mess in fairytales.


And finally... let's remember this is a TV show. Cut these girls a bit of a break. You probably wouldn't look very good either if your life was at the mercy of The Bachelor editors and producers. They seem like nice girls, who made classic mistakes.


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