I Love You. Oh, And I Love You Too

Can we take a moment to just imagine the scene at Ben's home last night... presumably, his now fiance is watching this back, probably thinking she was the only one who Ben said "I love you" to before their evening in the fantasy suite... only to find out that... Nope! He said that exact same thing to the other remaining contestant.


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Ben - I bet you had a rough evening!


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Lets backtrack for a minute. In last night's episode, Ben had fantasy suite overnight dates with all of the remaining three women - Caila, Lauren and Jojo. All three of the women told him they they love him during these dates. We're used to hearing this at this stage of the show, but rarely do we hear the bachelor reciprocate those words while he still has mutiple women in the game. But on this occasion, he did with both Lauren and Jojo. Ben just loves everyone it seems...


...Except for Caila.


Hometowns this Monday...dang this season is going fast. @abcnetwork Monday 8/7c #TheBachelor

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Poor Caila went to surprise Ben after their date, which by all outward appearences, went very well. In the end, she was the one who was surprised - when Ben broke up with her.

So now we have Lauren and Jojo remaining, and Ben has said that he loves them both. This is going to be an emotional season finale for sure! Get the tissues ready. And probably the wine, more importantly.


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