Who Wore Him Better?


Idris Elba: Who Wore Him Better?

There's a lot of controversy and debate surrounding the end of Idris Elba's most recent relationship earlier this year and talk of a secret marriage... but there's very little controversy surrounding how good he looks on the red carpet.

So, I'm going to need you to put your feelings about his personal life aside and play "Who Wore Him Better."

We're throwing you a curveball here - an onscreen wife versus a real life girlfriend.

His former girlfriend Naiyana Garth was looking lovely in a long black gown at the Golden Globes. Idris looks handsome as always in a 3 piece fitted suit and open collar. It looks custom made for him, while his more buttoned up look does not. His on-screen wife from the movie "Mandela" - Naomie Harris - looks absolutely stunning in a long black gown with gold details.

So who wore Idris Elba better?? Vote at the top of the page!


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