Is Emma Watson About To Get Engaged?

Since last fall, Emma Watson has been spotted consistently with William "Mack" Knight, a 35-year old tech entrepreneur and all-around "normal" seeming guy. Here's what we know about him...

He graduated from Princeton, makes about $150,000 per year, and enjoys adventures. He and Emma have been spotted at Broadway plays, on hikes, and on vacations. They recently were spotted on a romantic getaway together at Big Sur.

To be honest - he's exactly who we'd expect for Emma Watson. He's older, sophisticated, and educated. We imagine them having deep conversations about philosophers, fine wines, the environment, and the meaning of life. They'll probably figure out what it is and let the rest of us know - hopefully while having beautiful children who will grow up to change the world for the better.

In case you can't tell already - we're thinking these two are headed for a ring. She may only be 25, but Emma Watson is always ahead of the rest of us. She's dated enough people and has been through enough life experience to know what she wants - and we think Mack could be it!

We wish them the best and will be eagerly awaiting their engagement!

Fling or ring verdict: Ring!


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