Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

Some new photos have surfaced from Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's romantic and tropical vacation, and the world is going crazy over the fact that Jennifer looks pregnant!

The photos were printed on the cover of InTouch Weekly. Of course we all know that the tabloids have been printing stories about pregnancy rumors for years, and often these stories are wrong. Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to these rumors. This time is different though, as her body clearly looks quite different.

Jennifer and Justin's reps haven't confirmed, but unless this picture has been photoshopped, we think that the rumors are true! At age 47, people are calling Jennifer's baby a miracle.

We're all waiting for confirmation from their reps, but the above photo of the pair out in Soho in May only fuels the rumors further. She's all bundled up, and now we just might know why!


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