Is Nick Jonas Interested In Jennifer Lawrence?

Unlikely couple or perfect match? It's looking like the answer might be... PERFECT MATCH!

Okay, so here's how this went down... Nick was on a radio show playing a game called "To Bae or Not To Bae" ... (hahaha)... and was asked about Jennifer Lawrence.

He didn't even need a second to think about it. "To bae for sure. That needs no explanation. We know why. What's not to love?" OH MAN!

Now, from JLaw to JLo....

He said, "To bae for sure. She's kind of like the homie, she's my friend so it's kind of weird if I get too specific as to why but just in general. She's a great person and I'm happy to call her a friend."

One relationship that's not meant to bae? Gigi Hadid. She dated his brother Joe... so... no. Gross.


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