'Don't Get Divorced!' Jamie Lee Curtis on How to Stay Married

By Jason Marshall


The Queen of Scream Queens has spoken and put to rest every argument for divorce known to man. 

Jamie Lee Curtis stopped by Today on Tuesday, hours before the debut of her new horror-comedy series, and the topics ranged from the show to her mother's role in Psycho and, of course, her 31 year marriage to Christopher Guest

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"I've been married 31 years," said Curtis after examining Savannah Guthrie's massive engagement ring, "to my first husband."

You have to watch the full clip below to see what her advice is for building a long-lasting relationship. 


Fun fact: Guest is an English Baron thanks to his father having the same honor before him. And although he's spoken out on restructuring the hereditary British peerage system, he and Jamie have technically been a part of British nobility since 1996 when Christopher's father passed away. When addressed appropriately, they're known as Lord and Lady Haden-Guest respectively. 

Thankfully Ryan Murphy found a way to make it possible for Jamie Lee to film the new Fox series and still be the family woman she is. 

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You can see if it was all worth it when Scream Queens premieres Tuesday night at 8/7c. 



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