Jen Aniston Didn't Invite All of Her 'Friends' to Her Recent Wedding

By Jason Marshall


Jennifer Aniston surprised a lot of people with her wedding to Justin Theroux last week, too bad a few of her old costars weren't among them!

Under the guise of throwing Justin a surprise 44th birthday party, Jen wed The Leftovers star on August 5th - following three long years of engagement - and it appears that not all of her Friends were on the very exclusive guest list. 

While people like Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern were all in attendance, neither Matthew Perry or Matt LeBlanc made the cut.

The pair of actors revealed the news themselves, in an interview with ET, admitting that the affair was intimate enough that their exclusion made sense. 

Perry admitted that he was "surprised" to hear the news, but was still "very happy" for Jen and Justin. 

“I wasn’t there, so I wish her the best,” said LeBlanc of Aniston before reassuring the journalist that there's no bad blood between any of his Friends family. 

“Everybody is okay. The girls were there. You’ve got to have the girls there.”





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