Jennifer Lawrence Needs A New Man - Who Should It Be?

Jennifer Lawrence is such a fun and silly person, and yet her relationship past is kind of sad. She dated the same guy for five years - Nicholas Hoult - until he broke up with her and reportedly moved on with Kristen Stewart.

Poor JLaw! We have to find someone great for her.

Nicholas is also an actor, but not as big of a star as Jennifer. So maybe another actor would be a good choice? Someone better known? It needs to be someone about her age, single, and handsome. We're thinking Scott Eastwood.

Of course he's Clint Eastwood's son, so in addition to being famous in his own right, he knows this business and all the pressures it entails. We also just think JLaw deserves somebody really handsome after all she's been through, right?!

Jennifer, here's your official score card.


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