Jessica Simpson Thinks Marrying Nick Lachey Was Her Biggest Money Mistake

By Jason Marshall


Look fierce on a stroll with your second husband...check.

Throw your first husband under the bus the following day...checkmate. 

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Jessica Simpson is following those rules of engagement to the letter as she spends time in New York City.

When asked if she's ever made any financial mistakes, the fashion maven told CNBC's Closing Bell that Nick Lachey came to mind.



"The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason, I thought of my first marriage," she said. 

She didn't elaborate further, so we're free to fantasize about what she means. 

How big was the payout Nick got when they split? Did they lose money on the house they shared while filming Newlyweds? Maybe there's hush money involved!

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Whatever it may be, Jessica's hit it big with her many business ventures since splitting from the 98 Degrees singer in 2005. 

She's since remarried and had two kids, Ace and Maxwell, with footballer Eric Johnson. 



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