Topless Jessie James Decker Hopes to #NormalizeBreastfeeding

By Jason Marshall


We've already told you how great Jessie James Decker is at social media, but now the mother of two is taking her online game to an entirely new level... activism. 

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Yup, the "I Look So Good (Without You)" singer took to Instagram on Thursday to share a few kind-of candid snapshots of her new baby boy eating. And, of course, her 1.7 million followers are split right down the middle on whether or not a woman should be allowed to breastfeed in public. 



Captioned, "Love being a mommy and feeding my sweet boy," the first picture shows five-week-old Eric Thomas in the midst of a meal.

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Decker gave birth to the little guy on September 4th.

That initial message was followed up with another that she originally thought was "too visual."


"Here's a closer look to those accusing me of "posing" this. Here's the shot I took before but thought was maybe too visual. Now I don't care. Enjoy #normalizebreastfeeding"


Jessie joins the ranks of other celebrity public breastfeeders like Gisele BündchenAlyssa Milano, and Olivia Wilde.



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