Joe Jonas: Who Wore Him Better

Joe Jonas... you are one lucky guy.

The singer has been linked to two of the most beautiful and influential babes in the world - Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid. So who wore him better?

Taylor paired her Jonas with with a strapless champagne dress and the long blond curls that used to be her signature look. Her Jonas is dressed in a hideous shiny white... um... suit?... a shiny black shirt, and an equally awful tie. Oh, and don't forget the weird pocket square.

Gigi paired her Jonas with a strapless white gown, understated hair and makeup, and a pretty awesome suit. Please note that his pocket square here is a serious upgrade. We're really impressed Gigi. You wore your Jonas well.

So what do you think? Who wore him better?

Our vote is: Gigi Hadid.


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