Quiz: Who Hasn't Dated John Mayer?

By Jason Marshall


His body might be a wonderland, but that dating history is big ol' mess!

John Mayer has been on the music scene since 2000 and his laundry list of exes is reflective of the musicians varied taste in girlfriends. 

If you think you know who HASN'T tasted Mayer's romantic flavor, take the quiz below and prove to all your friends that your pop culture game is ON POINT!


Didn't do so hot?

Lucky for you CRI is up to date on everything that boy has been up to. Get a load of his full dating history, in the little black book featured below. 

John Mayer's Little Black Book

And if you thought that was hard, why don't you test your knowledge of our favorite famous Jennifers and their conquests on the Hollywood dating scene. 





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