John Mayer: Who Wore Him Better?

Many, many, many Hollywood women have worn John Mayer over the years. He’s like a pair of Louboutins… there’s just on every woman in Hollywood.

Today we’re focusing on two of his most famous exes – Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson.

Let’s start with Taylor. The way-too-young-for-him pop princess wore a white sparkling dress and long blonde curls – maybe just to drive home the point for us that she is an innocent little girl and John Mayer is a an old, creepy cradle-robber. Her angelic look is contrasted by his devilish bad boy look, in a black leather jacket.

Meanwhile, Jessica looks like a girl who can handle this bad boy in a vampy plunging neckline, long metallic gown, brown locks, and red lipstick. John looks dapper in a tux.

We think Jessica and John were a much better match.



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