Who Wore Him Better?


Johnny Depp: Who Wore Him Better?

Johnny Depp is like a quirky accessory that never goes out of style despite its quirkiness.

Yes, the Depp has truly stood the test of time, and many beautiful and iconic women have sported the Depp on the red carpet over the years - from Kate Moss to Wynona Ryder, and Vanessa Paradis to Amber Heard.

So who wore him better? We're looking at Kate Moss versus Amber Heard today - two pictures taken 20 years apart.

Amber has paired her Depp with a striking long silk red gown and tousled hair. Her Depp is heavily accessorized in a three piece black suit, open collar, necklace, earrings, sunglasses, and pocket square. It's sort of like his head was getting ready for one event, while his body was getting ready for another event entirely....

Meanwhile, Kate paired her Depp with an adorable black feathered dress, a quintessential 90s updo, and matching event passes. At first we thought they were matching booze bottles, which would explain the expression on Johnny's face, but alas - no.

Her Depp looks stylish, but confused.

So who wore him better - Amber or Kate? Vote at the top of the page.


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