Video: Justin Bieber Tells Ellen He's 'Single and Ready to Mingle'

By Jason Marshall


Last week he told the world that he wasn't dating because his heart had been broken into too many pieces.

This week, Justin Bieber is telling Ellen DeGeneres that he is, in fact, single, but also very ready to get mingling. 

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The "Down To Earth" singer sat down with his most favorite afternoon talk show host for an interview airing Tuesday and, after addressing his impressive birthday suit photos, Justin dodged almost every relationship bullet DeGeneres had. 

Scroll through until you hit the 2:07 mark in the video below for a look at the goods:



"I’m single ladies," he eventually admitted, "and ready to mingle."

You'll also notice he chose to hide that much-talked about hair of his underneath a basic black baseball cap. 

And while some have speculated that the Biebs is clearly referencing Selena Gomez in his latest number one "What Do You Mean," the former Disney star has gotten the rumor mill going all on her own.

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The newly released single from her upcoming album, "Same Old Love," has the internet buzzing about its seemingly clear odes to Gomez's years spent with Bieber. 

Listen below and see if you can decipher her lyrics for yourself. 




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