Justin Bieber Posts Throwback Picture Kissing Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber just did something crazy/amazing/puzzling/awesome/awkward.

He posted a throwback picture of himself - KISSING EX-GIRLFRIEND SELENA GOMEZ, with the caption "feels." Regardless of how you feels about it, we feels awesome about it here at CRI! What's even more heartwarming is that fans are showing Snapchats of Selena Gomez "liking" said photo.

This is not the first time that he's recently posted throwback photos with his former (current?) true love. He did this in December, as well, but played it down to fans at the time, saying it was "just a throwback, calm down."

But, this seems like a bit more than a throwback... we can't help but hope so. Justin and Selena are one of those couple - like Justin & Britney or Jessica & Nick - that we will never quite get over.


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