Who Wore Him Better?


Justin Bieber: Who Wore Him Better

Justin Bieber likes women in long champagne-colored silk gowns with a halter neckline.

Exhibit A: Selena Gomez

Exhibit B: Hailey Baldwin

So who wore him better? Let's break it down.

Hailey's dress fits better and it looks like a nicer dress all around. This is not Selena's best angle. And this dress doesn't fit her well. On the dress front - Hailey's winning.

Now for how they dressed their Bieber. Selena has dressed her Bieber in a clip on bowtie, a zipperfront tuxedo vest (WHAT?) and whatever this metal looking thing is on the left side of his chest. There is so much awkward going here.

Hailey has dressed her Bieber in a more laid-back look... a white suit and casual button down for a tropical vacation vibe.

On the fashion front - Hailey wins this one for us.

But "Who Wore Him Better" isn't just about fashion. Selena and Justin look happy and comfortable together... #Feels. Justin and Hailey look like they're putting on a show for the world.

So who wore him better? Vote in our poll at the top of the page!


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