Who Wore Him Better?


Kanye West: Who Wore Him Better?

He's the ultimate Yeezy accessory! He's Kanye West. So... who wore him better, Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose?

Okay, okay... I admit that I picked the most hilarious and terrible photos I could find of both of them. But seriously... Who wore him best?

Kim has paired Kanye with a completely unflattering, gothic-looking see-through dress, a crazy extended family, and the biggest media circus the world has ever known. This is not Kim's finest look, nor it is Kanye's. He looks frumpy and bored.

Amber has paired Kanye with this totally awkward skin-tight golden body suit, a sparkling spandex hooded thing, ugly platform shoes, hate, resentment, and public shaming. In fairness though, Kanye looks pretty good. Amber on the other hand... eek!

Maybe the best way to wear Kanye is to just... not... wear... Kanye.

So who wore Kanye best? Vote in our poll at the top of the page.


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