Will this last?


Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Snuggle In Cannes


Selena who? Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are showing the world that they're still going strong despite those rumors and pictures of Orlando and Selena Gomez geting cozy in Las Vegas.

The couple was spotted cuddling on a yacht in Cannes while exploring the area with Kate Hudson!

Katy and Orlando were also seen kissing and cuddling on an outdoor patio during their visit to Cannes. But if you look at this picture long enough... don't their facial expressions seem to suggest that there might be some turmoil? Despite the PDA, you have to admit that they look a tad miserable.

So how could things possibly be going this well? We're so curious about what went down between Katy and Orlando since Las Vegas. Did he explain it all away? Even if the pictures of him with his arms wrapped around Selena were only a hug (mind you, it would have to be the most enthusiastic hug anyone has ever received), you'd think Katy would be upset about the ensuing media fiasco.

So far they seem fine by outward appearences. Hollywood Life reports that he's been doting on Katy and showering her with affection.

We still think they're an odd match and that this thing is a fling. What do you think? Vote at the top of this page.



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