Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom: Is This Thing Going To Last?

They seem like an odd pairing to us, but they also seem to be having a blast! From vacations to chill days at the beach, they seem to have this whole "new relationship" thing down pretty well.

It's no wonder... they've each done this a few times, and their little black books are pretty darn big black books. Shall we analyze their odds?

Katy Perry's little black book includes John Mayer, Russell Brand, and Travie McCoy. One of these relationships resulted in a marriage and all three lasted for 2 years.

Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom has had more than a dozen public relationships and encounters with famous women, including Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, and a marriage to Miranda Kerr. He's kind of a serial dater.

In our professional opinion... this thing is a fling. We give it an expiration date of... I'm sorry Katy and Orlando... 2016. We think they will make it until the end of the year, but we also think it will end this year.


tags: Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom