Katy Perry Still Talking To Ex-Boyfriend John Mayer While Dating Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been on a whirlwind romance following their flirty fun night following the Grammys.  

On the surface Perry and Bloom seem to be in the early stages of a very promising relationship, Katy even met Orlando's son Flynn Bloom.  

Unfortunately for Bloom, Perez Hilton reports Katy Perry is still talking to her ex-boyfriend John Mayer.


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Perry and Mayer broke up back in July of 2015, so it's a long time to be hanging on to feelings for an ex.

 Perez Hilton's source said they wouldn't be surprised if Mayer and Perry reunite in the future as the pair still cares about each other.  Where does this leave Katy's relationship with Orlando Bloom?  We wonder how Bloom feels after learning the two still communicate.  

To make the story more juicy, Flynn Bloom is Orlando's son with his ex-wife; Victorias Secret model Miranda Kerr.  Kerr is reportedly pissed that Katy Perry has met their son after only dating Perry for a month reports Hollywood Gossip.  Apparently Kerr and Bloom have an agreement that they must be dating someone for six months before Flynn meets the significant other.  Just for the record, if anyone should be hooked up on an ex, it should be Orlando Bloom.  Miranda Kerr is GORGEOUS!


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Well, let's hope that Perry and Bloom can make their new relationship work and give us all a happy ending to report.


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