Kensington Palace Urges the Media to Ban Unauthorized Pics of Prince George

By Jason Marshall


Through officials at Kensington Palace, the Royal Family has asked that the international media community (along with the people consuming their stories) place a ban on publishing any unauthorized photos of Prince George

Released Friday morning, the statement lays out several recent instances of "harassment" when paparazzi photographers crossed lines to obtain photos of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's first born.

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From hiding in car trunks to disgusing themselves as sand dunes and even using other children as bait on playgrounds, the tatics being used in London against the royal family "present a risk in a heightened security environment" that the palace isn't comfortable with.

And, on a more personal level, the statement makes it clear how upsetting the situation has become for Will and Kate. 

“Every parent would understand their deep unease at only learning they had been followed and watched days later when photographs emerged,” the letter said.

With the recent birth and christening of Princess Charlotte, the instances of this happening have apparently increased. Although, George, it seems, is the higher priority for the paparazzi at the moment with the high price of the pictures being attributed to the Royal Family only releasing official pictures of the family on special occasions. 

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“The worry is that it will not always be possible to quickly distinguish between someone taking photos and someone intending to do more immediate harm,” the palace said before continuing with an emphasis on the realization that not all media outlets have nefarious intentions.

“The Duke and Duchess are determined to keep the issues around a small number of paparazzi photographers distinct and separate from the positive work of most newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and web publishers around the world." 



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