Khloe Is Not Happy About Lamar's Recent Night Of Drinking And Partying

Lamar Odom's recovery from his nearly fatal overdose has been miraculous... but is he taking his health for granted?

He was photographed drinking cognac at a bar with three friends at midnight on Saturday, and that decision has raised a lot of questions.... particularly for his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, who has been by his side throughout the entire recovery. He was spotted at church with Khloe Sunday morning just hours after the incident.

Khloe is reportedly not very happy about his decision to drink, according to E! News

In an interview, the bar's owner said Lamar looked happy, stayed for an hour, and only had one drink during the drama-free evening.

Sources close to Lamar have insisted that this is not a relapse, but simply a low key evening out with friends and minimal drinking.


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