Which is the more fashionable bump?


Bump Battle (NYFW Edition): Kim Kardashian vs. Kristin Cavallari

By Jason Marshall


While the rest of us underlings are heading back to school or bracing for the harsh realities of winter, Hollywood has made its bi-annual pilgrimage to New York City for Fashion Week

Among the parishioners are reality starlets Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari, whom happen to be currently carrying their second and third child, respectively. 

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Weirdly enough, Kim K and Kristin both opted for shades of cream in their ensembles as they bounced around the city in between gigs - naturally forcing us to compare and contrast the looks! 

Cavallari upped the wow factor of her ankle-length, knit dress with a Cheetah print jacket. 

And while Kardashian gets extra cute points for using North West as a matching accessory, we can't tell which mother (or baby bump) rocked the sidewalks harder. 

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So what do you think fashion fans? 

Vote in the poll above and let us know who you think won this very special, New York Fashion Week edition of Bump Battle!



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