Watch Kimora Lee Simmons Tell Her Daughter, 15, Not To Pop Her C***hie

By Jason Marshall


You haven't lived until you see fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons teach her kids a very interesting take on "the birds and the bees."

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And thanks to the fashion designer's 15-year-old daughter, Ming Lee, we have an Instagram video that you really just have to watch to believe. 



A video posted by Ming Lee (@mingleesimmons) on


The teenager captioned the video, "Sex Ed from mama Kimora @kimoraleesimmons @charlottedenman @amandawinder @floattie @cassandrasheehan."

In it, you can see Simmons hysterically yelling at the girl. 

"I tell everybody just don't do it at all," she says about sex. "Number 1: Don't pop your c***hie like a rubber band. And wrap it up. Do you see this", she asks while shaking a box that looks like plastic wrap. "Wrap it up!"

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The 40-year-old former model knows a thing or two about sex. She's been married twice and has four children altogether. 

Ming Lee is Kimora's oldest child. 

She and her sister Aoki Lee are Russell Simmons' daughters. Their two brothers, Kenzo Lee and Wolfe Lee, call Djimon Hounsou and Tim Leissner "dad" respectively.




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