Kourtney And Scott Announce They Are Back Together

We've never understood Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's bizarre relationship, and it's starting to seem like we never ever will.

The longterm ex-partners who share three kids together seem closer than ever these days and are acting like best friends despite their long history of drama. However, Scott's been spotted consistently with another woman.

So what's going on here? The two shared a series of Snapchats in which Scott is saying, "We are getting back together," then goes in for a kiss while Kourtney playfully yells, "no!"

How is Kourtney this cool with his other woman? And how is his other woman so cool with him kissing Kourtney? We are beyond confused. Whether this is a joke or not, we're glad this pair is on such playful terms, and we're pulling for them!

Sometimes it feels like the only thing you can depend on in this world is the consistant disfunction of the Kardashian family.


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