Who Wore Him Better?


Leonardo DiCaprio: Who Wore Him Better?

Leonardo DiCaprio is very versatile. While he always seems to have a gorgeous model by his side, the rest of his look is variable. You're more likely to find women sporting a DiCaprio at a club, a restaurant, or in this case - on a moped - than you are to spot them on the red carpet. Leo tends to fly solo at red carpet events.

So when Gisele became one of the few women he actually allowed by his side on the red carpet - she took it seriously, sporting what basically appears to be a wedding dress. Seriously! It has a bustle and everything! She looks absolutely stunning in this white strapless gown, and her DiCaprio looks classic and sophisticated.

Bar Refaeli sadly didn't make it to many red carpets with Leo, but that didn't sop her from wearing her DiCaprio in a most creative way! She looks ridiculously hot or course in a simple white tank top and jeans. Her DiCaprio looks like a geek in a baseball cap, zip-up sweater, shorts, sneakers and socks, and a brown paper bag!

Two very different looks... so who wore him better? We're obviously going to have to give this one to Gisele. Do you agree with us? Vote at the top of the page!


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