Little Black Book Wars: Harry Styles Vs. Zayn Malik

Who would you rather date: Gigi Hadid... or Kendall Jenner AND Taylor Swift? It's a decision most of us will never have the opportunity to make, but when you're Zayn Malik or Harry Styles, you can pretty much date anyone you want.

Let's start with Zayn. He was with Rebecca Ferguson whom he met on The X-Factor before moving onto another X-Factor alum Perrie Edwards. They dated for three years and were even engaged - but eventually broke it off. Most famously, he recently dated supermodel Gigi Hadid. Tough life, Zayn, tough life. The craziest twist about his love life? His first girlfriend Rebecca was a whopping six snd a half years older than him when he was barely 18 years old.

Older women are something these guys have in common. Harry's first public relationship was with British television presenter Caroline Flack, who is a creepy 14 YEARS older than Harry! (Cougar alert). Like Zayn, he moved on with women closer to his own age, like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

So who has the better little black book? We're a little creeped out by BOTH of their older women, but their love lives have both rebounded nicely. We're giving this one to Harry because one pop superstar + one supermodel is better than one supermodel with no pop superstar.




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