Little Black Book Wars: Jessica Simpson vs. Ashlee Simpson

These sisters were two of the first reality TV guinea pigs, which means we've been watching their love lives play out for well over a decade now. Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson are both on their second marriages and have left their ex-husbands and plenty of heartbroken boyfriends in their wake.

So who has the better little black book?

Jessica Simpson famously married Nick Lachey, then went on to date John Mayer, Tony Romo, and Eric Johnson, whom she married.

Ashley dated Ryan Cabrera while filming her reality show, then married Pete Wenz. After that, it was Boardwalk Empire star Vincent Piazza before she settled down for a second time with Evan Ross.

Jessica likes the manlier men, while Ashlee like the artsier guys. This one may be a matter of opinion, but our ruling is that this round goes to Jessica Simpson.




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