Who has the better little black book?


Little Black Book Wars: Joe Jonas Vs. Nick Jonas

Brothers Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have managed to date some of the most beautiful, famous, desirable and successful models, singers, and actresses out there. Their little black books are a who's who of your dream dates and hall passes.

But between these two brothers, whose little black book is better? That's right... we're comparing all of Nick's famous and beautiful celebrity exes with all of Joe's gorgeous and successful Hollywood ladies to determine once and for all which brother has a better little black book. Okay, let's compare...

Nick Jonas has dated Selena Gomez. This triumph alone makes his little black book hard to trump. It's difficult to think of any woman out there who can rival Selena... maybe supermodel Gigi Hadid? Oh, how convenient - Joe dated Gigi Hadid! This is a close competition already.

These two Jonas brothers have basically dated Taylor Swift's entire squad. How is that even possible when Joe has dated Taylor Swift too!? And it doesn't stop there, his little black book also includes Ashley Greene and Demi Levato. In addition to Selena, Nick also dated Miley Cyrus.

So which little black book wins? We're going to have to say Joe! While we hate to vote against stunning Selena, but Gigi + Taylor + Ashley + Demi? That's a hard combo to ignore! Do you agree with us? Vote at the top of the page.


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