Who has the better little black book?


Little Black Book Wars: Selena Gomez Vs. Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are best friends, but today they're fierce rivals! That's because we're digging through each of their pasts and comparing their list of ex-boyfriends.

These two girls can date anybody they want - we mean ANYBODY! Selena hasn't really tapped into that superpower yet. Despite being one of the most beautiful it-girls in the world (and the most popular person in the world n Instagram), her little black book makes us sad. Of course she's dated Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, music producer/DJ Zedd, and POSSIBLY Orlando Bloom. We're not thrilled with this list.

Taylor, you're up! Taylor has a much longer and more interesting list of men in her little black book. She also dates guys who are a lot older than Selena's men - like Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. And who could forget her fling with the very handsome Taylor Lautner?

She does have a few guys her own age in the mix, and of course they're the hottest peers she could find in Hollywood like Harry Styles and Joe Jonas. Remember when she even threw a Kennedy in the mix? There's no denying she's had some wild days in her past, but she's happily settled down with Calvin Harris for the time being.

We are of course giving this round to Taylor Swift. Her little black book is really more of a novel... in fact it's a romance novel. Selena - you've gotta step up your game, girl! We think her best dating days are ahead of her, and we've even predicted her next boyfriend.


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