Mariah Carey Emancipates James Packer - See Their Red Carpet Debut!

By Jason Marshall


It's been three months since news broke of Mariah Carey's relationship with billionaire James Packer and the new couple is finally ready for their close up. 

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Mimi brought the Australian businessman along with her to the NYC premiere of Anne Hathaway's The Intern.

Awkward distances and strained smiles aside, we're left wondering why they were there at all. 

Come to find out, Ms. Carey might have actually been Packer's plus one on the red carpet. His company, RatPac Entertainment, has a multi-year, cofinancing deal with Intern's distributor Warner Bros.

Their first film born from that deal was Sandra Bullock's little space adventure, Gravity

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Whatever their situation may be, it's nice to see these two out in the open where Nick Cannon everyone can see them.

Next time, though, we'd like to see a little hand around the waist action Mr. Packer. 




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