Matthew McConaughey: Who Wore Him Better?

If there's a stunning brunette beauty on the red carpet... there's a decent chance that Matthew McConaughey is lurking nearby. We're comparing his red carpet appearances with Penelope Cruz and Camila Alves to determine who wore him better.

Penelope paired her McConaughey with a tight and plunging white sparkling dress, sexy messy locks, and chandelier earrings. Her McConaughey looks hot in a summer casual khaki suit and an open collar.

Camila has paired her McConaughey with a showstopping, strapless plum-colored gown. Her McConaughey looks scruffy and old though... and to top it off, he's in an absolutely terrible shiny blue tuxedo jacket! Who would allow their McConaughey out of the house looking like that!?

Penelope... congratulations. You win this round hands down.




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