The Secret to Meagan Good's 'Healthy' Marriage Is Celibacy

By Jason Marshall


Whether or not you've seen her fighting future crime on FOX's small-screen Minority Report reboot, Meagan Good is happy knowing her marriage is a healthy one.

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Alongside her husband DeVon Franklin, the Deception star sat down with FOX 5 NY Wednesday to discuss their new book, "The Wait", and what an important part celibacy played in their relationship.

"We feel this is a path to healthy relationships," admits Franklin. "We wrote the book to say, hey, here's another way you can do love that makes you feel healthy and happy."



Fun fact: DeVon is a Seventh Day Adventist preacher. He and Good started dating in 2011 and were engaged in April 2012. Just a few months later they were married, on June 16th, 2012, in Malibu, CA.

And while Franklin hadn't had sex in the 10 years prior to their courtship, Good's decision to try something new came after some divine intervention.

"I really felt that God was telling me to be celibate," reveals the 34-year-old actress, "and I also felt that DeVon was my husband."

The couple also makes sure to point out the differences between being abstinent and celibate.

"Abstinence is just because you have no options," declares DeVon before Good finishes his thought.

"Celibacy is about doing it with a purpose, an intention," she says, "a spiritual reasoning - something you're trying to gain or learn or better yourself."  

In addition to all of that, the must see conversation includes talk of how fasting, prayer, and meditation all play a role in keeping things fresh. 

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Watch their full interview above and click HERE if you'd like to order a copy of the book.  



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