More Kids For Jessie James Decker & Eric Decker?


Jessie James Decker & Eric Decker are already parents to two adorable children - Vivianne Rose and and their little boy, Eric. But are there more children in their future?

They're not exactly planning on it, but the always-candid Jessie says, it's certainly a possibility they're open to!

"I'm not planning on it, but he could do what he wants and get me knocked up again so we'll see what happens," she joked with E! News. "We're going to take it easy for a little bit, but you never know. Something could happen."

Eric had some input on the subject as well. "We got our girl, we got our boy and we kind of completed the family right now. We're going to slow down and enjoy."

The gorgeous couple was in Los Angeles for the ESPYs.


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