New Kids On The Block: Who They're Hangin' Tough With

Dang! Check out the duds on those sexy guys (um . . . boys)!



NKOTB has truly stood the test of time as pre-sale tickets for the 2016 New Kids Cruise went on sale and soccer moms all over the country are trading in their mini-vans for extra spending cash to snatch up tickets. With the announcment of the cruise and season three of Donnie Loves Jenny set to air March 16th, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and see who the boys of NKOTB are Hangin' Tough with.

We all remember the bad boy Donnie Wahlberg. If you are a true fan, you know that Donnie and Jenny McCarthy wed outside of Chicago in the summer of 2014. Season three of their A&E show Donnie Loves Jenny continues in a few weeks and the rumors have been flying that the couple is having issues as they've settled into their midwest home in St. Charles, IL - Jenny's hometown.  

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But since Donnie's gotten married, Joey McIntyre insists that he's never seen him happier. And Joey has plenty of reasons to smile, too! He married former real estate agent Barrett Wiliams all the way back in 2003, and their love is still going strong. He's learning to balance family life with his wife and three kids, with his acting career. He recently made headlines for stripping down to his skivvies on CBS's "Angel From Hell" - an episode that his fans surely enjoyed.

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Jordan Knight and his wife Evelyn Melendez have two kids together and have been married since 2004. He's a partner of a new restaurant outside of Boston and has called the upcoming cruise, “an insane five-day party."
Meanwhile, his older brother Jonathan Knight came out as gay in 2011, and has a longtime boyfriend, Harley Rodriguez. Fans who keep up with him on Instagram have probably been jealous of the pair's recent world travels to destinations like Cambodia and Thailand.
Danny Wood was the first of the "New Kids" to get married back in 1997 to Patty Alfaro. Unfortunately, he was also the first to get divorced less than a decade later in 2006. He's reportedly single, and our bets are on Danny for "life of the party" on this cruise!


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