Nick Cannon Says He's Celibate & Not Dating Since Divorcing Mariah Carey

By Johnny Lopez


For some reason Nick Cannon is taking after Tim Tebow and Russell Wilson and choosing to remain abstinent.

The 35-year-old is keeping it virgin pure and revealed he's not looking to jump back into the dating scene since enduring his high-profile divorce from music icon Mariah Carey.

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"I'm not ready for all that," the Chi-Raq star said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"I mean, I have friends and we hang out, but I'm not ready to do anything seriously, especially because I'm really trying to make sure I can establish being in my kids life and working."



Nick and Mariah share custody of their four-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

The America's Got Talent host also says he's not indulging in any booty calls or casual hookups of any kind.

"I'm being celibate I'm trying to work on myself. No sex right now." Struggle!

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Meanwhile his ex-wife has moved on in the love department with billionaire James Packer, who Nick is actually looking forward to meeting.

"I want to," the new RadioShack executive insisted. "I think that would be cool. We've all talked about it and stuff it seems like it's cool."

The former couple have managed to put their differences behind them for the sake of their children.

"It just is so important when, if a marriage does not work out and you have kids, to show them love and not have somebody talking badly about the other person," said the proud father. "It's great."



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