Nick Jonas Finally Addresses the Kate Hudson-Sized Elephant in the Room

By Jason Marshall


After months of speculation and Insta-baiting, Nick Jonas has finally laid down the law on those nasty rumors he's been hooking up with Kate Hudson.

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In a new interview with Complex magazine, the 23-year-old actor / singer gets almost as candid as he did in another sit-down last week.

“Out of my best effort to respect [Kate] and her privacy, I’m not going to say if we had sex or not," says the Kingdom star. "But we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She’s amazing.”

“My current situation is that I’m very much single," Jonas continues, "but I’m trying to be as open to people who can inspire me in some way.”

So... there... you have it.  

And before you run off and tell your friends at the water cooler that this MUST MEAN the youngest Jonas brother is into other guys, think again. 

“There’s always going to be negativity toward anything that is a positive effort toward change," reveals Nick when asked about rumors he might be gay. "As a heterosexual male, [I am] open and comfortable about loving my fan base, gay or straight, because to me there is no difference, it is my fan base. Your sexual preference does not matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to anybody. I thought [the criticism] was kind of dumb, considering I play this gay character on a gritty show. There’s a gay sex scene. I kissed a man.”

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...and we're thankful you did Nick. 




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