Nick Jonas Sets the Kendall Jenner Record Straight

By Jason Marshall


Nick Jonas has gone on the record when it comes to Kendall Jenner ... and we're not sure if you're going to like what he had to say.

ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY: Nick Jonas & Kendall Jenner

The "Levels" singer spoke with E! Online Thursday, while promoting his latest single ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards, and said that, without a doubt, he is not dating the supermodel. 

"We're not dating. Kendall is great and naturally with her being good friends with Gigi [Hadid] and with Joe [Jonas] and Gigi dating, there are times we'll be in the same place and we all hang out," Nick said.

He also put the kibosh on seriously dating anyone at all, telling Marc Malkin that he's basically only willing to have "light and casual" dinner dates or drinks with potential romantic interests. 

"I'm trying to take the time to walk out this next phase of my life and be single the right way," Nick said. "I [also] like being able to work as hard as I want. I'm incredibly driven and with all the projects I have going on, they take up a lot of my time. I like to work hard and just be as focused on work as possible."

You can catch Nick working hard on his career next weekend.

He'll perform "Levels" during the pre-show of the Miley Cryus-hosted VMA's on August 30th. 



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