Nicole Kidman: I Stay in Touch with My Kids with Tom Cruise, I Swear


They haven't been seen together in public in years, but Nicole Kidman claims she still keeps in touch with her two eldest children, Bella and Connor Cruise.

While many believed they had a strained relationship, the 48-year-old actress revealed she texts her adopted kids from her marriage to Tom Cruise on a regular basis.

"I have four children, so to stay in touch with them is very important," the Oscar winner told Du Jour magazine. "I’m definitely engaged in it but I don’t let it rule my life. My husband and I never text each other."

Since 2006, The Hours star has been married to country singer Keith Urban. The happy couple have two daughters, seven-year-old Sunday Rose and four-year-old Faith Margaret.

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Tom and Nicole adopted Bella and Connor after marrying in 1990. After splitting in 2000, they allegedly chose to live with the Mission Impossible star.

In 2007, Nicole raised eyebrows about her relationship with the Cruise siblings by telling England's GMTV: "My kids don't call me mommy, they don't even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it."

Many believed that Scientology was behind their disconnection, since Bella and Connor, along with their megastar father, are still active in the Church.

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Earlier this year, Nicole's relationship with Bella and Connor was further put into question when the HBO documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief claimed the Church of Scientology had a hand in turning the children against Kidman. An assertion the Church has vehemently denied.

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But Nicole has remained steadfastly silent, refusing to confirm or deny any of the rumors.

"I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists—Connor and Isabella—and I utterly respect their beliefs," the Australian actress told Women's Weekly in 2013.

While both Connor, 20, and Bella, 22, have gone on record professing their admiration for their mother in interviews, neither has been photographed with her in the last decade.

A picture is worth a thousand words, thetans.



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