Nina Dobrev spotted with Chace Crawford only days after her split with Austin Stowell


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If you follow The Vampire Diaries, you know Elena (Nina Dobrev) broke up with her long time boyfriend Stephan for her friend and boyfriend's brother, Damon. This broke Stephan's heart and left a lot of fans confused about how to feel about the new couple. Could Nina's real life be following a similar script?
That's exactly what it seems Nina Dobrev is doing after breaking things off with her boyfriend of seven months, Austin Stowell. The former Vampire Diaries star didn't even wait for stories of her breakup to make headlines before starting rumors about a possible hookup with Gossip Girl alum Chace Crawford.
While Nina and Chace claim to be just friends, we can't help but speculate that it could be something more as the two bounced from lounge to night club Tuesday night. How could Stowell be anything but jealous seeing his newly single ex out with one of the hottest male actors in Hollywood?
While there's no rule about how soon to move on after a breakup, waiting just one day seems like rubbing salt in an open wound. We'll be keeping our eyes on this story as it develops.



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