How did Norman handle the rumors?!?


Norman Reedus Has Shut Down Those Emily Kinney Romance Rumors


By Jason Marshall

Fans of The Walking Dead are going to have to keep shipping the fanfic created romance between Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), because the record has officially been set straight.

They're just friends, y'all.

Gossip cops had reported Wednesday that a potential real life romance had begun to bloom between the former costars, thanks to Reedus making ongoing appearances in the audience of Kinney's concerts - she's a singer and an actress, apparently. 

Those reports were contradicted early Thursday when Reedus' rep laid down the law, telling E! Online that their client was not dating Kinney (her representation has yet to comment at all).

And taking a cue from his smart*ss Walking Dead character, Norman poked fun at the situation, rather appropriately, on Twitter:

Arnold + Norman 4ever. #We'reJustSayin'



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