Watch One Direction Play 'Never Have I Ever' with Ellen DeGeneres

By Jason Marshall


It's probably the dream of many Directioners and Harry Styles has evidently made it come true for at least one lucky person. 

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The bad boy of the world's number one boy band has, at some point, hooked up with a fan.

You can thank Ellen DeGeneres for extracting said information in a lovely game of 'Never Have I Ever', which she played with Harry and the rest of his remaining One Direction bandmates: Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan

In addition to the revealing bedroom drama, Ellen also managed to get two of the guys to admit they'd made mistakes when it came to some of their tattoos and found out which of them have ever had a song written about them.



"What is this game? I'm not having fun," says Harry in the clip above when he realizes most of the questions are focused on his direction. 

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Zayn Malik's breakup from the boys was also awkwardly spoken about... before Styles can't help but break the tension with a giggle fit. 



Looks like those reunion rumors can take a hike.



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