Orlando Bloom: Who Wore Him Better?

There's one thing that we need to give Orlando Bloom a lot of credit for: no matter who he's with, he looks really, really happy.

He's dated a lot of famous women, including his current love Katy Perry.

We're digging a little deeper into his past today and comparing two of his exes: Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr. So, who wore him better?

Kate paired her Bloom with a classic and simple white dress and slicked-back hair. Only a model could pull off this look! Orlando clearly loves the model-type and looks happy here in a suit with an open-collar and a man-bun... ten years before man buns were the head accoutrement de jour. We can't help but notice how happy Kate looks! And years later - these exes are still on good terms.

Miranda looks like a complete bombshell (how unusual!) in this black and white bandage dress and red lipstick. Orlando looks absolutely smitten in all black with his arms around her.

So who wore him better? Ultimately, "who wore him better" is about who looks happier, more comfortable, and in love. From these pictures, it looks like both of these relationships were happy ones - but we're giving this to Miranda. Orlando's body language and face say it all!


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