Our First Impression Rose: Who Will Win JoJo Fletcher's Heart?


The Bachelorette season premiere is tonight! We've avoided all spoilers and analyzed the contestants to choose our frontrunner for Jojo!

Here are some factors that we're keeping in mind as we watch these relationships play out.

1.) Jojo is a real estate developer and she is the daughter of two doctors. We think there's going to be more of an emphasis on her suiters' careers than there has been in past seasons. Let's just say, she's not going to be choosing a guy whose profession is "animal enthusiast."

2.) She has two very opinionated older brothers. She's not going to choose a sketchy guy because that won't pass the brother test. She needs to pick a guy who is liked by other guys and who is "normal" ... (admittedly a tough task with the assortment of men usually cast on this show).

3.) She's sort of a tomboy! She loves sports, country music, and dogs. This gives us yet another reason to believe that she's going to choose a manly man.

With those pre-requisites in mind - let's analyze. We haven't seen a single episode yet, but based solely on their bios and pictures, we're giving out first impression rose to Derek. He's an intelligent-seeming commercial banker, and most importantly, he didn't wear a muscle shirt to the photo shoot or list his favorite movie as "The Notebook."


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