Our Latest Analysis of Beyonce And Jay Z's Relationship

There was a time when Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship was regarded as one of the strongest in Hollywood, but it seems that those days are gone.

The release of Lemonade brought up a lot of questions, and Beyonce's cousin has raised even more concern. Former Disney star Shanica Knowles says there have been problems for years and that divorce is not out of the question.

The real question is - why did Beyonce decide to share all of this with the public? All of the questions and speculation are a result of information that she's put out there. She doesn't need publicity and this certainly isn't good publicity, so what could be her motivation for putting her marriage through this public scrutiny?

We think it's because things really must be bad. Artists often turn to their art to work through tough times, and we think that's what she's doing. But even so... things don't look good for this pair.

Could Beyonce be joining "all the single ladies" in the near future? It's a strange thought, but could be reality soon.


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