Which Wedding Dress Was Your Favorite?


Our Official Ranking Of The Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses

There's nothing more beautiful than a wedding... unless of course it's a celebrity, royal, or movie wedding! Since we love love here at CRI and the relationships and marriages that love brings - we're counting down the best celebrity wedding gowns.

#5.) Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

This one's a bit of throwback, but when Carolyn married JFK Jr. in 1996, the only thing that outshined her smile for her new husband was her simple bias-cut silk dress which solidified her place as a fashion icon. JFK Jr. was lookin' pretty handsome too, we must say.

#4.) Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been married twice and absolutely STUNNED at both of her weddings. But it's her Vera Wang gown from her 2002 wedding to Nick Lachey that always stands out in our minds as the picture perfect, traditional and southern bride.

#3.) Carrie Bradshaw

Her wedding to Mr. Big might not have gone as planned, but Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex And The City Vivienne Westwood was everything we ever hoped and dreamed for Carrie's wedding gown. High fashion and glam!

#2.) Kate Middleton

Her ceremony dress was the one that got all of the attention, but it was her reception dress that took our breath away even more! The way she accessorized her white satin Sarah Burton gown - with a glittering belt and simple white shrug - was the perfect look to finish the evening. We only wish we had more pictures of it!

#1.) Bella Swan

Finally, our all time favorite celebrity dress is the custom Carolina Herrera dress designed for Kristin Stewart's character in Twilight: Breaking Dawn. This movie came out around the same time as the royal wedding and Kim Kardashian's three-dress wedding to Kris Humphries - but this fitted silk long sleeved gown is so unique that it simply cannot be upstaged.

So which wedding gown was your favorite? Vote in our poll at the top of the page!


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